Contact: Ivan Banister
Telephone: 01295 660 999
Mobile: 07973 286 656


Hard Tracks

We have just constructed a 200 metre hard track under the Cherwell Catchment scheme, funded by the European agricultural fund for rural development. We wanted to do a further 260 metres but it was too wet during the time allowed.

Grain Store

In July 2015 we  doubled the size of our new grain store to hold 5000 tons  and added an automatic intake system to feed our 36 ton Mecmar drier.

Hedge laying

We have undertaken another 250 metres of traditional hedge laying in 2016, in addition to the 1000 metres  that we did in 2015. These are all hedges that we planted 10-15 years ago. 

Sediment pond

Under the Catchment Sensitive Farming scheme for the Cherwell river and under our Higher Level Stewardship scheme we finished building a sediment pond in 2013. This involves collecting all the water from a stream that runs through the centre of the farm and holding it in a pond in order to give time for any agricultural chemicals to drop out of suspension. In addition, the outlet from the pond is piped to the corner of a field that was previously in arable production in order to create a new marshland area where the water will be filtered before getting into the river Cherwell. An added bonus  will be a new wild life habitat near the river. The whole scheme is working well and in addition to improving the water quality as it reaches the Cherwell river we have also increased the wildlife using the area.


If you are an existing client contact us for the password and you will then be able to access the link below for the latest update on the work progress on the farm.