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Telephone: 01295 660 999
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Forestry and Landscape


Tree and Hedge planting

Warden Farms has provided a tree and hedge planting service for many years. In addition to planting many kilometres of our own hedging and many hectares of our own trees, we have also done the same on many local farms. We also provide a full service to keep them weed free during the vitally important early years of life.

Wholesale Firewood

Due to the management required in our own woods we usually have firewood for sale. Generally we only provide this in larger quantities on a wholesale basis, but occasionally we will retail firewood in the local community.

Landscaping & Design

Warden Farms has taken on a range of projects utilising our machinery to improve the landscape in the locality. We have a tracked excavator and various dump trailers and telescopic loaders that can make light work of moving over grown under growth as well as soil.

We have built several ponds for ourselves and for others, and we have put in various water systems.

Paddock maintenance

We will also improve pastures particularly by topping and spraying thistles and nettles, as well as by harrowing and rolling.

We can also re seed grass paddocks when required.


Contact us to discuss these services in more detail and to find out how we can help you.