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Environmental Schemes

Nursery run - lambs

We have supported most of the available Environmental schemes. We participated in the old Countryside Stewardship scheme for a full ten year period, and we then joined the Entry Level environmental scheme. We have just been accepted for the Higher Level Environmental scheme which runs in conjunction with the Entry Level Scheme.

Over the years we have planted just under six kilometres of new hedges, just over thirteen hectares of new woodland and built nearly one hectare in total surface area of new ponds.

We currently have nearly ten hectares of low input grass, nearly fifteen hectares of species rich pasture land and ten hectares of hay meadow.

We also have nearly seven hectares of grass margins, a further six hectares of floristically enhanced grass margins and almost four hectares of field corners that have been put down to grass. We annually plant over five hectares of wild bird seed crops to help birds survive the winter, and we annually plant eight hectares of low input cereal crops to allow nesting habitat for target species.

We are also planning to build a sediment pond and to create nearly one hectare of fenland to try and reduce the chances of pesticide reaching our local river, the Cherwell.

We have for some time been a part of the ‘voluntary initiative’ scheme to limit chemicals reaching the Cherwell and have been very involved with research into less harmful chemicals for controlling slugs. We are frequently involved in local farmer meetings (utilising our facilities at cool Contours) with Natural England to improve communications on all this.


We also provide free educational access to the public as part of the Higher Level scheme. Please download the brochure for full details.