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Telephone: 01295 660 999
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Educational Farm Visits & Public Access

Free Educational Visits

Here at Warden Hill Farm we are very keen to welcome you to see what is going on down on the farm – at two different times of the year. As we are predominantly an arable farm – growing crops for food – we have chosen Harvest time and the early summer as being the most interesting times for visitors.

Full details of of what we have to offer are available  here.



The farm has a large number of public rights of way running across it – both footpaths and bridle paths and these include the “Macmillan Way “and the “Jurassic Way”.

A detailed map is available here.

We do our best to keep all of these rights of way clear and will be happy to assist if anyone is having difficulty finding the rights of way or if they consider them difficult to use.

The environmental schemes on the farm have been put in place in order to try and improve the wildlife habitat on the farm. The margins under the scheme are intended to provide places for wild birds and animals to live and this requires a lack of disturbance in order to be effective.

We do therefore ask that the public keep to the rights of way and keep away from those areas that are not included in the rights of way. It is also very important that dogs are kept under control, particularly during nesting times.

We have managed to have several broods of English partridges in 2013 which are becoming extremely rare in Northamptonshire. We have also seen a huge increase in the Brown Hare population.